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I love BoostmyFrench! Hermance Doyon is a patient, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated French teacher. There is no substitute for learning a foreign language from a native speaker from both a listening and speaking perspective. Hermance brings expertise in french pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, and fascinating cultural insights into every lesson that only a native speaker can. Plus the lessons are just fun, never dry, and always full of humor. I found Hermance online and have taken lessons for over a year from her via skype and look forward to another year of lessons. I highly recommend her for French lessons!
Public Health
My son and I have been taking French lessons from Hermance for almost a year. Hermance is very reliable, organized and professional. She creates a positive student-centered environment and is very adaptable to the needs of the pupil. She has a talent for making French grammar bearable and has created a wonderful rapport with my 14 year old son. It is a pleasure working with her.
Hermance has many qualities that make her an exceptional French instructor.
  1. She understands the areas of difficulty that English based students have when learning the French language, such as adjective agreement, genders, and the use of the subjunctive.Hermance is always prepared to clearly explain these challenges, and has exercises and examples ready to hand out.
  2. Her lessons fit your particular needs, and doesn’t have a ‘pre-set’ idea of what to do. Some students prefer perfecting their written French, and others want to learn to speak better in a business context, as an example.
  3. Hermance is relaxed, smiles a lot and is very encouraging. She understands the mechanisms that go into learning a foreign language, as she has learned English and Spanish well.
  4. She has interests and knowledge in many areas and is never short of a topic to discuss on any level.
  5. Hermance enjoys her work and always leaves me with a smile and "à la prochaine fois"!
School Administrator
I have a solid base in French, but with few occasions to use the language in my day-to-day life, I have seen my level of fluency decline over years of disuse. With a group visiting our school from France this winter, I was inspired to dedicate some time to resuscitating my languishing skills. I was so fortunate to find Hermance. She is highly professional, unfailingly punctual and prepared, flexible, and truly knowledgeable about the rules of French grammar. What's more, since she came to me for our lessons, scheduling was highly convenient. Perhaps most important, Hermance is not the terrifyingly stern French teacher of my youth, but a genuinely warm and friendly person. I was immediately comfortable with her, which meant that conversation (though liberally peppered with grammatical errors on my part) was never stilted or difficult. I am very happy to recommend her.
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