Museum of Modern Art

Paris Museum of Modern Art.

Paris Museum of Modern Art.

I had recently the occasion to visit the SF MoMA and I wanted to share with you different works that I found interesting. Below is a list of questions that you may consider when analyzing a work of art. It’s useful and simple, of course it doesn’t aim to be a formal analysis outline for art specialists since not everything applies to every work of art. Let’s say it’s a fun way to do art criticism and, of course, it’s up to your interpretation and critical judgements.

Feelings - Les sentiments

Quel effet cette œuvre à sur vous ? How does this work affect you? Exprime-t-elle un sentiment que vous avez déjà ressenti ? Does it reveal a feeling that you’ve already experienced? Pouvez-vous imaginer les sentiments de l’artiste durant la création de cette œuvre ? Can you imagine the emotions of the artist while he was working on this piece? Translate this dialogue

Description - La description

Quel est le sujet de cette peinture ? What’s the subject of this painting? Est-ce qu’il y un message que l’artiste souhaite faire passer ? Is there any message the artist wants to spread? Est-ce que vous avez appris quelque chose avec cette peinture ? Did you learn something with this painting? L’artiste a-t-il atteint son objectif selon vous ? Did the artist achieve his goal to you? Translate this dialogue

How would you describe the following paintings?

Herbert Bayer - The Lonely Metropolitan - 1932

Arshile Gorky, Enigmatic Combat, 1936-37

Georg Baselitz, Elke im Lehnstuhl (Elke in Armchair), 1976

Roy Lichtenstein - Figures with Sunset - 1978

Wayne Thiebaud - Sunset Streets - 1985

Sam Francis, Untitled, 1980

Jackson Pollock - Guardians of the Secret - 1943