Online and in-person lessons are offered in a variety of formats: basic French, travel French, business French, literature, conversation and many more. Programs are individualized and customized to your level and needs.

We will make an assessment of your skills, whether you are beginner, intermediate or experienced, and we will design together a program in accordance to your goals. Grammar and conversation are necessarily combined to get best results, however the frequency and format are adjustable.

Regarding the teaching method, I believe generic approaches offered by most French books on the market are often tough to blend in with real life conversation.

Consequently I emphasize more on a contextual approach. This method enables me to tailor a course to meet students' evolving needs. Through conversation, I will identify areas of improvement, allowing me to design a personalized program to tackle your individual issues.

For any level, I recommend at least a weekly lesson plan because a regular practice is always more effective for progress.

Online lessons

  • Skype
  • Facetime
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom

30min online lessons

Lessons Rate
Online - 30 minutes $30 Schedule now
Online - Package 5x30min $150 Order
Online - Package 10x30min $300 Order
Online - Package 15x30min $450 Order

45min online lessons

Lessons Rate
Online - 45 minutes $45 Schedule now
Online - Package 5x45min $225 Order
Online - Package 10x45min $450 Order
Online - Package 15x45min $675 Order

Expiration, refund and transfer policy

Please note that all packages are valid for 6 months since date of purchase. All sales are final and non-refundable. Package expiration cannot be changed, altered or extended. Class packages cannot be transferred or shared.

Reschedule or cancellation policy

Please reschedule or cancel at least 24h prior to the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of the lesson.


For any further information, please reach out by email at:

hermance @ boostmyfrench.com


I love BoostmyFrench! Hermance Doyon is a patient, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated French teacher. There is no substitute for learning a foreign language from a native speaker from both a listening and speaking perspective. Hermance brings expertise in french pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, and fascinating cultural insights into every lesson that only a native speaker can. Plus the lessons are just fun, never dry, and always full of humor. I found Hermance online and have taken lessons for over a year from her via skype and look forward to another year of lessons. I highly recommend her for French lessons!
Public Health
My son and I have been taking French lessons from Hermance for almost a year. Hermance is very reliable, organized and professional. She creates a positive student-centered environment and is very adaptable to the needs of the pupil. She has a talent for making French grammar bearable and has created a wonderful rapport with my 14 year old son. It is a pleasure working with her.
Hermance has many qualities that make her an exceptional French instructor.
  1. She understands the areas of difficulty that English based students have when learning the French language, such as adjective agreement, genders, and the use of the subjunctive.Hermance is always prepared to clearly explain these challenges, and has exercises and examples ready to hand out.
  2. Her lessons fit your particular needs, and doesn’t have a ‘pre-set’ idea of what to do. Some students prefer perfecting their written French, and others want to learn to speak better in a business context, as an example.
  3. Hermance is relaxed, smiles a lot and is very encouraging. She understands the mechanisms that go into learning a foreign language, as she has learned English and Spanish well.
  4. She has interests and knowledge in many areas and is never short of a topic to discuss on any level.
  5. Hermance enjoys her work and always leaves me with a smile and "à la prochaine fois"!
School Administrator
I have a solid base in French, but with few occasions to use the language in my day-to-day life, I have seen my level of fluency decline over years of disuse. With a group visiting our school from France this winter, I was inspired to dedicate some time to resuscitating my languishing skills. I was so fortunate to find Hermance. She is highly professional, unfailingly punctual and prepared, flexible, and truly knowledgeable about the rules of French grammar. What's more, since she came to me for our lessons, scheduling was highly convenient. Perhaps most important, Hermance is not the terrifyingly stern French teacher of my youth, but a genuinely warm and friendly person. I was immediately comfortable with her, which meant that conversation (though liberally peppered with grammatical errors on my part) was never stilted or difficult. I am very happy to recommend her.
I've been working on improving my spoken and written French for many years with a variety of instructors. In addition to being interesting to converse with, Hermance is a serious and experienced language instructor. I recommend her especially for those who want to progress to a higher level of fluency.
Hermance is a magnificent teacher. I was so lucky to have found her, she's exactly the person I was looking for to strengthen my study of French. She is a dedicated, skillful instructor, and not only are her private lessons highly enjoyable, her consistent and personalized re-caps allow the student to build vocabulary and grammar organically and naturally based on real communication and its patterns. I can't recommend her more highly. I come away from her sessions each time with enthusiasm and confidence as my understanding and vocabulary continue to build.
English Teacher
I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at the college and university level since 1999. As a language educator myself, I can be quite critical of instructors who have the linguistic knowledge required to teach a language but rarely the ability to impart that knowledge in a comprehensible and effective manner, much less the disposition or patience to deal with non-native speakers.
After so many tutors who "know" the ins and outs of French but lack the skills to convey its essentials and nuances, it’s refreshing to find in Hermance an accomplished and knowledgeable teacher - one who understands that language acquisition is a developmental process that does not happen overnight but takes place slowly yet surely with the student’s own efforts and the teacher’s guiding hand.
If you’re looking for a tutor who will drill you into "speaking like a Parisian in 3 months", Hermance is not for you. Then again, given the nature of language learning, anybody who makes such a promise is automatically suspect in the eyes of any self-respecting linguist. But if you prefer a recommendation based on practice rather than theory, my personal experience speaks for itself: I’ve been working with Hermance for almost a year now and my French has had its expected ups and downs. But what’s obvious to me is that I now understand spoken French with much more confidence and speak with infinitely greater fluency and assurance than I ever have thanks to her care and guidance.
Hermance also takes the time to research grammar and vocabulary questions that come up during our lessons and includes detailed answers and explanations in the PDF files she e-mails students after each meeting.
One final point: Unlike past teachers who have regularly left me high and dry, I am happy to report that not once has Hermance canceled on me or been late to any of our appointments. I’ve taken private lessons with many tutors over the past several years, and I can honestly say that Hermance is the most reliable, competent, and personable French teacher I have ever worked with.
Simply put, je la recommande sans réserve! (I recommend her without hesitation!)
Business Actuary
Since starting lessons with Hermance several months ago, I would highly recommend her as a consistent, excellent teacher. She has been very willing to tailor her approach to my interests and problem areas. She is consistently prepared for each lesson with a plan and material ready to go and she provides me with a helpful recap after lessons that I can go back and refer to. Her lessons are a good mix of fun and hard work, exactly what I was hoping to get out of the tutoring.