Museum of Modern Art

Paris Museum of Modern Art.

Paris Museum of Modern Art.

For those who are fan of modern art, I just learned that the MoMA and the Fondation Louis Vuitton are partnering for a major exhibition in Paris from October, 2017 to March, 2018. More than 200 works from New York’s Museum of Modern Art will be brought to the exhibition. Works from French artists like Paul Cézanne, Paul Signac will be part of the collection as well. If you happen to be in Paris at this moment the exhibition is well worth a visit to Le Musée d’Art Moderne

I had recently the occasion to visit the SF MoMA which reopened its doors last year after a renovation and an expansion of its collection. I wanted to share with you different works that I found interesting and a guideline to analyze these different œuvres. Below is a list of questions that you may consider when analyzing a work of art. It’s useful and simple, of course it doesn’t aim to be a formal analysis outline for art specialists since not everything applies to every work of art. Let’s say it’s a fun way to do art criticism and, of course, it’s up to your interpretation and critical judgements.

Feelings - Les sentiments

Quel effet cette œuvre à sur vous ? How does this work affect you? Exprime-t-elle un sentiment que vous avez déjà ressenti ? Does it reveal a feeling that you’ve already experienced? Pouvez-vous imaginer les sentiments de l’artiste durant la création de cette œuvre ? Can you imagine the emotions of the artist while he was working on this piece? Translate this dialogue

Description - La description

Quel est le sujet de cette peinture ? What’s the subject of this painting? Est-ce qu’il y un message que l’artiste souhaite faire passer ? Is there any message the artist wants to spread? Est-ce que vous avez appris quelque chose avec cette peinture ? Did you learn something with this painting? L’artiste a-t-il atteint son objectif selon vous ? Did the artist achieve his goal to you? Translate this dialogue

How would you describe the following paintings?

Herbert Bayer - The Lonely Metropolitan - 1932

Arshile Gorky, Enigmatic Combat, 1936-37

Georg Baselitz, Elke im Lehnstuhl (Elke in Armchair), 1976

Roy Lichtenstein - Figures with Sunset - 1978

Wayne Thiebaud - Sunset Streets - 1985

Sam Francis, Untitled, 1980

Jackson Pollock - Guardians of the Secret - 1943


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